Providing Connectivity with Over 70 Years of Telecom Experience

Secure, reliable, scalable connectivity to the unserved community of Catalina Island and beyond.

The AVX Team


Lance Ware


Mr. Ware is an experienced executive, senior entrepreneur, and angel investor. Ware has spent the better part of his career founding, forming, exiting companies in the technology space. Ware is also an active in the angel investment community in Southern California, and has mentored entrepreneurial students at UC Irvine and Chapman University.

Beginning in the early stages of the internet during the late 1990's, Mr. Ware was the CEO of WareNet, Inc. a broadband infrastructure and technology company focused on delivering connectivity solutions for hard to connect consumers, businesses, and institutions using fiber, as well as licenses and unlicensed wireless technologies. AVX Networks benefits from several decades of Lance's experience and knowledge of communications,  and is focused on high quality, reliable communications infrastructure using fiber wherever possible, and only relying on wireless in last mile or middle mile when absolutely necessary.


Chris Brungardt

Subsea Cable

Chris serves as a long term contributor to AVX for the design, management, and installation of the subsea middle mile portion of the project. Chris has been involved in every fiber optic cable landing in California since the landings began either from a planning and permitting capacity, to his present role both as a consultant for all the major cables, as well as the operator of the RTI Cable Landing Station in Hermosa Beach, California which presently terminates 4 international cables.


Bill Wohnoutka


Bill brings enterprise level expertise and leadership to AVX through his extensive experience at both Dish Networks, Qwest/Lumen and others. In last role Bill was specifically involved in complex consumer ISP deployments involving the latest generation of technologies, at Lumen he was directly involved in consumer business models as well as wholesale offerings to providers such as Google Fiber and others


David Stozki


David brings a wealth of knowledge to the team on standing up networks, outside plant, and overall operational excellence. David will be on contract to support the deployment of the service and available thereafter as a consultant once training is complete.


Jason Wolf


Jason is responsible for financial modeling and overall business viability. Jason’s decades of experience running similar projects will help us assure success and validate the financial feasibility of this network.


Nicholas Harney

Network Engineering

Nicholas is responsible for the software installation, configuration and maintenance of the network infrastructure and equipment. He monitors the overall network performance, implements cyber security solutions and provides support to users when issues arise.